Case Studies: Mobile learning devices hold promise

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) today, as part of its Value of Investment (VOI) Leadership Initiative, released two new case studies which explore the implementation of student mobile learning device pilot projects in two Texas school districts – Rockdale Independent School District (ISD) in Rockdale, TX and Katy ISD in Katy, TX. The case studies use CoSN’s VOI methodology and tools to assess the direct and indirect costs and benefits of the districts’ technology projects.

The case studies focus on Rockdale ISD’s distribution of Apple iPod Touches to 150 sixth-grade students for in-class use and Katy ISD’s distribution of 3G smartphones to one elementary school fifth-grade class for out-of-class use, including homework and collaborative projects. Using CoSN’s VOI methodology, Rockdale ISD’s anticipated benefits include increased student achievement and engagement, as well as improved behavior, technology and critical thinking skills, collaboration, teacher satisfaction and retention rates. After carefully considering the benefits and costs, the school district is now implementing and maintaining a bring-your-own-technology (BYOT) project in its high school.

Katy ISD’s pilot project, now in its second year, has also yielded positive results with respect to student learning and achievement outcomes.

The case studies are the latest publication produced as part of CoSN’s Value of Investment Leadership Initiative, which provides a multi-layered assessment of technology projects and tools to help school districts achieve their missions, goals and mandates, or strategic plans. Summaries of the case studies are available at

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