Collaboration supports aspiring young musicians

MakeMusic, Inc., creators of SmartMusic®, the interactive music software for band, orchestra and voice, announced a partnership today with the Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA). Together they will provide middle level and high school students and teachers with customized tools as they prepare for state honors auditions.

To assist Wisconsin teachers and students, MakeMusic added state-specific scale patterns to the SmartMusic repertoire library. These scales are now available to all SmartMusic subscribers. MakeMusic also created additional audition preparation materials for band, orchestra, jazz ensemble and choir students. The materials are available for download from WSMA web pages for the middle level and high school programs.

Using these materials in SmartMusic, students can prepare the exact scale patterns they will play at their auditions and receive immediate feedback about which notes they played correctly or incorrectly, both in terms of rhythm and pitch. Students can also review the recordings SmartMusic makes as students practice audition material. Using the SmartMusic gradebook feature, music educators can also review and comment on student assessment scores, recordings and process, even when they’re not able to be in the same location.

As a result, Wisconsin students have the opportunity to prepare for state honors projects using this unique tool.

“SmartMusic’s assessment feature ensures that every student has the same opportunity,” said Leigh Kallestad, senior account manager at MakeMusic. “Now everyone can know whether they’re sufficiently prepared. If they can consistently score 100% on their audition material using SmartMusic, they can go into the auditions with greater confidence. If they are not consistently scoring 100%, they will be able to see and hear exactly what they need to work on.”

“Music educators today have the opportunity to extend their reach to students with the use of technology.” said Michael George, WSMA Executive Director. “What drew us to SmartMusic was its ability to provide feedback to students and allow the teacher to see and hear the progress students make in the practice room or at home. This, coupled with MakeMusic’s willingness to assist us by doing things like creating new repertoire specifically for Wisconsin, has resulted in a wonderful collaboration.”