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Complete classroom virtualization solution

  NComputing has unveiled NComputing Classroom In A Box.
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 NComputing has unveiled NComputing Classroom In A Box. Designed for the education market, Classroom In A Box is a complete, pre-tested and validated desktop virtualization solution based on the company’s virtual desktops and vSpace virtualization software. It comprises all the software infrastructure, hardware, peripherals, OS environment, and services an education institution needs to set up a computer lab for less than the cost of traditional PC deployments.

Classroom In A Box requires minimal set up, support or maintenance and offers ongoing cost savings of up to 90% lower energy costs and 75% reduction in maintenance and support.



Classroom Tablet Solution Piloted

In Port Coquitlam, Canada, students and teachers of Riverside Secondary School have instituted a pilot program of the Samsung School solution, to integrate tablet technology into K-12 classrooms.

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Why Go Virtual?

In talking with network managers at schools across the country, one thing is clear: Virtualized networks are the way to go.

San Jose Solar Project Complete

The San Jose Unified School District has embraced solar power in a big way, completing what's believed to be the largest K 12 solar and energy efficiency project in the United States. Built in conjunction with Chevron Energy Solutions and