CoSN Leads Senior U.S. Delegation to Scandinavia: Exploring the Role of Technology in Highly Successful Educational Systems

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Jennifer Cummings

Washington, DC (November 12, 2007) – "What is the role of technology in improving teaching and learning in the Scandinavian education systems?" is the focus of a weeklong delegation of senior U.S. educators and policymaker. Organized by CoSN, the delegation has planned a series of high-level talks with key members of the Finnish, Danish and Swedish ministries of education. Of particular interest will be the leadership and policies necessary to create highly accountable and innovative educational systems and to integrate information and communications technologies (ICT) in such systems.

CoSN selected Scandinavia because it ranks high on international education comparisons and use of technology in educational institutions. The goals for the delegation are:

  • To see how the major strategic investment in ICT by Finland, Sweden and Denmark is impacting the educational process.
  • To find out how ICT is being used to improve the learning process for students in Finish, Swedish and Danish elementary and secondary education, particularly at a systemic level.
  • To stimulate a conversation among US and Scandinavian education leaders around the common challenges we face in incorporating ICT into the educational process and the effective and innovative strategies we are using as part of our implementation strategy.
  • To explore opportunities for continued collaboration on innovative polices and practices with our counterparts in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

"As an advocate for the strategic use of educational technology in U.S. school systems, it is important that we understand the lessons learned for leaders around the globe. Clearly Denmark, Sweden and Finland are highly successful education systems and on the leading edge of using ICT to improve learning," said CEO of CoSN Keith Krueger.

Throughout the course of the trip, members of the delegation will blog and post updates at Participants include:

  • Sheryl Abshire, Past CoSN Board Chair and Administrative Coordinator of Technology, Calcasieu Parish (LA) Public Schools;
  • Jim Bosco, Professor Emeritus of Educational Studies, Western Michigan University;
  • Trina Davis, President of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and Director of eEducation, Texas A&M University;
  • Ann Flynn, Director of Education Technology, National School Boards Association;
  • Kathy Hurley, Senior Vice President, Pearson;
  • Keith Krueger, CEO, CoSN;
  • Katie Lovett, CoSN Board Chair and Georgia school district Chief Information Officer;
  • Tim Magner, Director of the Office of Education Technology, U.S. Department of Education;
  • Joanne McDevitt, Publisher, Technology & Learning;
  • Mark Nieker, President, Pearson Foundation;
  • Michael Quesnell, Director of Research and Business Development, Atomic Learning;
  • Helen Soule, Executive Director, Cable in the Classroom;
  • Barbara Stein, Manager of External Partnerships, National Education Association;
  • Irene Spero, Chief Operating Officer, CoSN; and
  • Julie Walker, Executive Director, American Library Association American Association of School Librarians.

For more information about the delegation, please visit

The delegation is made possible through support from its lead sponsor Pearson Foundation with additional support from Atomic Learning, Nokia and Texas Instruments.

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