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Discounted online services available to Texas schools

 Established more than 30 years ago, the Harris County Department of Education (HCDE) Purchasing Cooperatives extend into 24 counties throughout Texas.
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Established more than 30 years ago, the Harris County Department of Education (HCDE) Purchasing Cooperatives extend into 24 counties throughout Texas. Over 300 members, including independent school districts, counties, community colleges and education services centers, benefit from the leverage of the Cooperatives' volume purchasing, negotiating skills, and other business services.

A recent example of the Cooperatives' ability to maximize return on education dollars is the addition of Schoolwires, the approved vendor list. The company's core product is Centricity™, which brings together website management, community management and web 2.0/social network capabilities in a single solution. Other products include Schoolwires Synergy™, a digital file sharing solution, Schoolwires Assist™, a service request solution, and Schoolwires Share, an online client community and support center.

Centricity and Schoolwires implementation, training and webhosting services are now available to cooperative members at a discounted price. This cooperative agreement also enables members to avoid the competitive bid and RFP process.

"Cooperative members will benefit from our solutions because they will enable them to more effectively communicate and engage with their broader communities. Research shows that a district that operates under the support of their community members achieves greater success. Student success is our number one goal at Schoolwires," said Edward S. Marflak, founder and CEO of Schoolwires.



Online Speech Therapy Services Available for PA Districts

To provide school districts across south central Pennsylvania consistent access to online speech and occupational therapy services, the Capital Area Intermediate Unit (IU) has partnered with PresenceLearning for online speech therapy services for K-12 students.

New online school rental service promo image

New online school rental service

 Schools can now rent out their facilities online in Tandem for Schools, the online events and facilities management and calendar program from Intand Corporation.

Delaware schools move to cloud e-services

The Delaware Department of Education today announced it is working with Microsoft Corp. to bring Microsoft Live@edu, a suite of online communication and collaboration tools, to students, faculty and staff in district and charter schools throughout the state.

PA Schools Build Capacity With Ethernet Service

The Lincoln Intermediate Unit, which offers educational and technology resources to more than 96,000 local students and teachers, is providing Comcast Ethernet services to many of its member districts across York, Franklin and Adams counties in Pennsylvania.