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Google Maps Wikified

Google Maps has updated its My Maps tool to incorporate wiki-like functionality for collaborative mapping. Do maps need wikis? Considering the amount of love people have for their maps with mapping tools, map mashups, geo-tagging, and real time activity shown on a map, then, of course, maps need wikis. Try it on for size with Google's new terrain layer.

If you find an error in the location of a place, you can correct it. For example, if you search for a coffee house you know and see that Google Maps shows it in the wrong location, you can move it to the right spot. This helps the rest of the world see and use accurate information in Google Maps. The following Directions are from Google:

To edit places:

  1. (Optional) Switch your view to Hybrid. This allows you to move the marker accurately, as you can see both roads and satellite imagery.
  2. After you search for a place, click the appropriate marker. The info window appears.
  3. If the marker is in the wrong location, click Edit.
  4. Click Move marker. Click and drag the marker to the correct location. Use the X to help you place the marker. Consider placing it at the entrance of the location, as this helps improve the accuracy of our driving directions.
  5. Click Save. Google Maps saves your changes.

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