Huron City Schools Launches iPhone app to keep staff, students, and community informed

With more and more mobile devices appearing in schools as well as the community, Huron City Schools has created an iPhone app (opens in new tab) to keep staff, students, and community informed about important school matters.

"With a few taps I can see my kids grades," says Keith Lobsinger, father of three.

With the app parents, can check grades, get important contact information, access the district news feed as well as access many other Huron City services. The app was created by TJ Houston, Director of IT and Ryan Worcester, Marketing Asst. at Visual Products, using Xcode (opens in new tab), a free software by Apple.

Houston and Worcester were fielding a lot of calls from parents trying to find information on the school website. Since many of these same parents were acquiring and using mobile devices, the two administrators realized they could reach their community, staff and student body best with an iPhone app.