iPad Cases Prove Durable For Florida Elementary

At Deer Point Elementary in Panama City, Florida, teacher William Weatherly has had great success using Apple® iPads in his autism classroom, but he quickly realized he needed cases to protect the devices from drops and spills. That’s why the school is using Trident Kraken A.M.S. iPad cases to protect their investment.

Weatherly’s class uses nine iPads – one for each student – for various lessons in both reading and mathematics. The tablet’s software also assists in developing communication skills in autistic students with speaking disabilities.

To ensure that the iPads survive, Weatherly required the most durable cases possible. “Our class relies heavily on iPads for daily instruction, because that’s the way the students learn best,” he said today. “Trident cases have been on the devices for a year, and have completely held up against drops, spills and temper tantrums.”

As teachers rely more and more on technology to conduct lessons, Trident Case is committed to providing the highest level of protection for tablets that will preserve tablets through plenty of wear-and-tear scenarios in all school environments, including K-12 and higher education.

“Trident cases really perform the way they say they do,” Weatherly said. “I have been recommending these cases to the administration because students can benefit from protected smart devices in schools. As far as technology goes these days, there are many apps that cater to schools. Books can already be pre-logged. There’s no more excuse of 'I left it at home’.”

The curriculum uses software called Nearpod that enables teachers to control each individual device. This way, teachers can administer quizzes, questions and lessons simultaneously to students who each have their own tablet in the classroom.

When Weatherly’s students attend other classes within the school they take the iPads with them. This requires even more protection from the cases.

In a YouTube video created by Weatherly, students of the autism program demonstrate the type of damage a tablet may experience in a learning environment. “I would rate it a ten out of ten,” Zachary, a student, said in the video after dropping his iPad on the ground.

The Kraken A.M.S. Series cases consist of a shock-absorbing silicone inner layer covered by a hardened polycarbonate outer-casing, with a built-in screen protector. The attachment port at the back of the case also features a mounting accessory that supports accessories such as media stands or clips. Kraken cases also meet U.S. military standards to protect mobile devices against rain, dust, drops and vibration.

Trident Case® offers six series of protective carrying solutions providing one, two, or three layers of protection: Kraken A.M.S. Series, Aegis Series, Cyclops Series, Perseus A.M.S. Series, Electra Series, and Apollo Series. All Trident cases use bio-enhanced, plastic based products that are recyclable, compostable, and degradable.