July 2011, What’s New

July 2011, What’s New

Online & SoftwareAdvancements in Learning

SureScore has released an updated version of a classroom-based core-curriculum program that prepares middle school and high school students for college learning. The new version combines math, reading, and study skills with college preparation and awareness activities.
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Category: college preparation

ASCD new PD Online series courses

ASCD has announced the addition of four courses to its PD Online series, a solution that provides educators with on-demand access to content from experts in the field. The new courses are The Art and Science of Teaching; Understanding by Design: An Introduction; Response to Intervention: An Introduction; and Formative Assessment: Deepening Understanding. The courses focus on best practices and individualized approaches to learning.
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Category: professional development

Beyond High School Library

PLATO recently launched a comprehensive suite of online courses that prepare students for college entrance and placement exams. Beyond High School Library bundles instruction for several high-stakes tests, including the ACT, the SAT, and the GED.
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Category: college preparation


Automatic Sync Technologies, through its service, CaptionSync, will supply closed captioning for videos on NBCLearn.com, helping make the resources more accessible to all learners. For sample clips, visit www.NBCLearn.com.
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Category: video

DYMO/Mimio Measuring Instruments pack

DYMO/Mimio ITT has released a pack for its STEM content offerings. The pack features nearly 200 images of tools, such as rulers and ultrasound machines. These visual aids help students demonstrate proficiency in using measurement tools, techniques, and formulas.
Price: free
Category: STEM

HP Smart Clients

HP has announced additions to its desktop-to-datacenter client-virtualization portfolio. The programs offer educators flexibility, security, and productivity in the zero-client market and require no configuration or management on the device side. The clients repurpose devices and provide the option of migrating to any of three virtualization solutions: Citrix XenDesktop via HDX, VMware View, or Microsoft Session Virtualization via RDP.
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Category: management

i-Ready Common Core State Standards Screener

Curriculum Associates has released a reading and math assessment for grades three through eight that is designed to help educators transition to the Common Core State Standards. The i-Ready CCSS Screener allows teachers to administer a one-hour-per-subject online assessment. The program identifies gaps in the curriculum and provides other instructional recommendations as needed.
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Category: Common Core State Standards

Kajeet for Education

Kajeet, a provider of contract-free, safe cell-phone service for kids, recently launched its mobile-learning division, Kajeet for Education. The K–12-focused division provides Kajeetenabled mobile computing devices to ensure a safe online learning environment.
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Category: mobile

Learn360 New Content Partners

The company has added four partners to supply K–12 multimedia on-demand items to its growing digital library. These partners are Big Kids Productions, which provides nonviolent fun and educational products; Learning ZoneXpress, a producer of educational videos that focus on nutrition, health, life skills, and food preparation; Partners in Rhyme, an online resource for music and sound effects; and Rethink Autism, a professional-development series that uses teaching interventions based on applied behavior analysis.
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Category: multimedia

LIFT (www.pcieducation.com/lift/)

PCI Education, a supplier of resources for students with special needs, recently introduced a line of intervention programs for middle and high schoolers. LIFT helps students who are performing at least two years below grade level. The programs provide support in reading, writing, and math.
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Category: special needs

OnlineSchools.com (www.onlineschools.com)

The recently launched Web site offers educators a resource for online schooling from kindergarten through graduate school. It includes a comprehensive database of more than 300 online K–12 schools and more than 1,000 colleges, as well as tools for helping parents and students choose the best online school for their needs. Additional support can be found in the free “Ask the Expert” area.
Price: free
Category: online learning

PBS LearningMedia

Just in time for the 2011–2012 school year, PBS is launching a digital platform for K–12 schools that offers fine media from 1,500 public media producers and more than 350 local PBS stations. LearningMedia delivers customizable content aligned to curriculum standards, as well as a flexible infrastructure, so it can be customized and integrated into existing services.
Price: Free version and Premium service version available; contact company for pricing.
Category: media, professional development

Six Red Marbles Spanish–English toggle

The company has created a unique Spanish-to-English toggle for all audio and visual elements and integrated it into its online education programs: Juba, a learning exploration for the younger set; Waza, an interactive math-readiness game; and Cabanga, a celebrity-agent role-playing math game for middle school students. The toggle allows students to switch back and forth between languages within the program at any time, supporting ELL and ESL students better.
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Category: ESL, interactive games

Snap! by Lectora

Trivantis has announced the release of a rapid e-learning software and PowerPoint presentation plug-in that helps instructors create e-learning content. With Snap! by Lectora, teachers can easily transform basic PowerPoint presentations into interactive Flash lessons.
Price: $99

Teachscape Reflect

The company has integrated Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching into its Reflect online software to offer teachers 360-degree panoramic classroom video. The tool can be used to help analyze learning and enable scalable observations of instructional practices.
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Category: professional development

Textbook and Device Management Package

Follett Software has launched a package that will help K–12 educators address the transition from print to digital through tracking and managing textbooks and devices more efficiently. The product performs all the functions of Follett’s Destiny Textbook Manager and Destiny Asset Manager software and helps integrate the tracking of devices.
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Category: management

TinkerPlots Version 2

Key Curriculum Press has announced an update of its popular math software tool. Designed for students in grades four through eight, TinkerPlots makes analyzing data fun through colorful representations. The new version features updated activities, tutorials, sample data, and help movies.
Price: $49.95 for single-user license, with upgrade pricing available
Category: math

Webber HearBuilder 4th edition

Super Duper Publications has released a new edition of its software series, HearBuilder Auditory Memory: Strategic Memory Training for Listening. The program helps students learn key strategies for listening carefully and remembering numbers, words, sentences, and stories. Students practice auditory memory and closure as well as listening- comprehension skills as they engage in a mission to save Memory Town from Dr. Forgetsit.
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Category: reading comprehension


Panasonic (www.panasonic.com/business-solutions) has announced a passive 3-D projection system. The package includes two PT-DW530U DLP projectors, a dual-projector stacking frame, two circular polarizers, 100 pairs of circularly polarized glasses, a 133-inch diagonal silver screen, and the other components necessary to install the system.

Olympus (www.getolympus.com) introduces a handheld HD video and Linear PCM recorder that lets instructors easily create and upload good videos. The LS-20M captures and edits 1,080p HD video while recording 24-bit/96 hHz Linear PCM stereo sound and has four optional Magic Movie special-effect features.

SMART Technologies (www.smarttech.com) has announced the fifth-generation SMART Board interactive-whiteboard system. It features the ultra-short-throw standard SMART UF75 or the wide-screen SMART UF75w projector and is available with the SMART Board 400i, 600i, and 800i series. Updates include a swivel projector mount for easy installation and projector alignment, as well as a digital HDMI port.

Atomic Learning has partnered with Epson (www.epsonbrighterfutures.com) to provide educators with free training on the new BrightLink interactive projectors. The products save costs by transforming tables, standard whiteboards, and walls into interactivelearning areas. The free training can be accessed at www.AtomicLearning.com/k12/epson_teamboard.

Califone International (www.califone.com) has launched a USB Webcam that makes it easier for schools to offer online learning and collaboration at an affordable price ($35). Compatible with Windows and Mac, the Webcam includes a built-in microphone and an adjustable stand for desktop mounting.

Cables To Go (www.cablestogo.com) has announced the next generation of its ultra-wide-band (UWB) wireless products, which transmit HDMI, VGA, and audio signals. Using these updates, teachers can display audio and video content on computer monitors, projectors, and televisions from up to 30 feet away. The models are suitable for USB to HDMI, USB to VGA + 3.5mm Audio, and USB to VGA connections.

BenQ (www.benq.us) announces the SH960 high-brightness projector, which is designed for demanding settings. It uses 1,080p native resolution in addition to BrilliantColor technology and provides a brightness of 5,500 ANSI lumens to create vibrant, bright images on any surface.