Konica Minolta Announces Partnership with Future Ready Schools

Future Ready Schools logo
(Image credit: Future Ready Schools)

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta) and its IT services division, All Covered, announces a new partnership with Future Ready Schools® as the sole sponsor of its school board strand.  

Future Ready Schools is an initiative of the Alliance for Excellent Education that helps traditional public, charter and private school leaders make sound financial decisions regarding the acquisition of digital tools to transform teaching and learning. The organization seeks to work with Konica Minolta and All Covered to ensure school boards and district administrators have access to current, relevant information and effective resources to support sound decisions relating to strategic planning, leadership, and building a culture of innovation in America’s schools. 

“Through this partnership with Konica Minolta and All Covered, Future Ready Schools will help school board members build stronger connections to their communities, support a culture of innovation within their schools and promote a vision for teaching and learning that is student-centered, forward-thinking and designed to meet the vast needs of today’s learners,” said Deb Delisle, President and CEO of the Alliance for Excellent Education.