Little Knowledge of—But Keen Interest in—Coming Changes to State Accountability Tests

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Source: “Make Assessment Matter: Students and Educators Want Tests that Support Learning” from NWEA and Grunwald Associates LLC.



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The Argument for Online Testing

Excerpted from a recently released whitepaper from Pearson entitled “Considerations for Next- Generation Assessments: A Roadmap to 2014.”

Knowledge Loom

Knowledge Loom Knowledge Loom is a collaborative effort among educators from around the US to discover what works in teaching and learning. Content allows you to review research based on various themes (Adolescent Literacy in the Content Areas, Professional Development, etc.), find other

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Ready or not, here IT comes

According to the “2009 Horizon Report K12 Edition,” the future may actually be closer than it appears. The report is the second in a new series that analyzes emerging technologies for their potential impact on and use in teaching, learning

United States Global Change Research Program

This government program has a mandate to support research efforts, gather findings on climate change, and communicate those findings to governmental agencies and the public. The agency offers many resources regarding global as well as American climate change. By clicking