New Report: Transforming Data to Information in Service of Learning

School reform and improvement efforts require an information technology infrastructure in service of learning and student success. Yet, digital learning tools and services can frustrate educators. Consider that:

  • Teachers may have to remember multiple logins and passwords to access classroom resources or compile data on student activities, since each tool employs its own authentication process;
  • Online and digital learning resources abound, but it can be difficult for teachers and students to sort through them to find the ones that are high-quality and standards-aligned; and,
  • Educators lack a simple way to display potentially useful data in real-time, in insightful ways, when it is most relevant.

To raise awareness about many of the major K-12 data standards and interoperability initiatives underway to address these and related issues, the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) today released a new report entitled, Transforming Data to Information in Service of Learning.

The SETDA report offers three recommendations:

  • Develop a consensus-based, long-term vision and roadmap for interoperability to ensure investments in technology and digital learning are cost effective and meet educator and student needs.
  • Establish an ongoing mechanism to certify best practices and address transparency related to the privacy and security of student data.
  • Address data standards and interoperability issues with vendors as part of state and district procurement processes for educational technology and digital learning solutions, including for the adoption of free solutions.

The report, "Transforming Data to Information in Service of Learning," may be downloaded on the SETDA website at: