New Views for Excel

When you are showing how to use Excel, you can change the views so your teachers can see just what you want to show them.

Changing page breaks in a worksheet:

  • Go to the View menu to Page Break Preview.
  • Drag the page breaks to where you want them.
  • Click OK and go to View to Normal view.

Viewing Formulas

  • Press Ctrl and ~ (tilde)

Filling Across the Cells

  • Select all the cells you want to fill.
  • Type in the active cell.
  • Press Ctrl and Enter.

Change the Default Font

  • Go to the Tools menu to Options to General tab.
  • Use the pull-down menu next to "Standard font" to select the font name and size/.
  • Click OK.
  • Restart Excel in order for the change to take affect.

See as Much as You Can

  • Go to the View menu to View Full Screen to squeeze more data onto the screen even if you already have Excel maximized.
  • Click Full Screen again to restore window view.

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Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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