Online software personalizes adult assessments

CTB/McGraw-Hill today announced the nationwide launch of TABE Adaptive™, a computer adaptive version of the company's TABE® 9&10 adult basic skills assessment. TABE Adaptive allows adult education programs to more effectively screen and place students in training and employment programs as well as determine readiness to take the GED® Tests.

TABE Adaptive adjusts to a student's individual ability and skill level by analyzing the student's responses while the test is being conducted. By creating a unique assessment experience for each student, TABE Adaptive can determine a student's score with fewer questions – saving adult educators the time and resources needed for prescreening tests.

The product, administered online, provides immediate score reporting and diagnostic information that assists them in moving students forward in important skill areas for success.

TABE 9&10, which is the basis for TABE Adaptive, is closely aligned with both national standards and the latest GED Test, including critical and higher order thinking skills. The tests support the same philosophies found in the best adult education programs, featuring test items that focus on adult life skills, predict success on the GED Test, and demonstrate progress toward literacy, education and job-related goals.