Photo Story versus Vista

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Question: I just had Vista installed on my computer, and now Photo Story 3 won't run. How can I fix it?

The IT Guy says:
Unfortunately, right now there is problem with Photo Story 3 and Vista. The bottom line is that Photo Story won't run in the new operating system until Microsoft has made some changes to the program. I've spoken with some friends that work at the company, and they are very aware of the fact that teachers love this program, so they are working very hard to solve the issue as soon as possible!

If you are desperately in need of something similar, you can use MovieMaker to create slideshows. It is a free video-editing program that comes with Vista, and can do many of the same effects as Photo Story (just not as easily or quickly).

In the meantime, keep checking back at Photo Story. I'm sure the fixed version will be released soon!

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