Real Examples of Common Core in the Classroom

School Improvement Network has released six new video segments as part of the “Common Core in the Classroom” series.

Common Core in the Classroom” was created to give educators authentic classroom examples of Common Core Standards and practice. Each segment spotlights a classroom where teachers are aligning their curriculum to Common Core Standards, and includes real-life examples of teacher and student engagement. Segments also show excerpts from teacher interviews about the success of the lesson and the impact the Common Core has had on student learning.

The six new clips feature teachers in a wide variety of grades in Kentucky, New Jersey, Delaware and Utah schools using the Common Core Standards, including an 8th grade teacher who helps her students find the central themes in a novel and a 2nd grade teacher using Common Core to teach double digit addition. Each video has an accompanying guidebook that includes the classroom lesson plan provided by the teacher featured in the video, and gives a viewer response form to help viewers reflect on the lesson and consider application in their own classrooms.