Remotely Connecting to a Computer without Remote Desktop

Question: I am not running Windows XP and so cannot use the Remote Desktop option to connect to this computer from another location. However, I still need remote connection capabilities. Are there free options available that will let me do this?

The IT Guy says:
A variety of free “VNC†software programs are available that you can use to connect to another computer remotely, even if it is running an operating system that does not include Microsoft’s Remote Desktop. Go to and search the software database for “VNC,†then go to the bottom of the page and further limit the search results to only free software licenses. You should see between 5 and 10 results. Give one of these software programs a try. Be aware that installing freeware or shareware software applications on your computer can present stability and security risks. To be on the safe side, check with your district IT department before installing the software.

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