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Science of Baseball

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This site describes the science of baseball, such as the aerodynamics of pitching fastballs, curveballs, screwballs, and sliders. Also described is the neurobiology behind the rapid-fire perception and response--measured in thousandths of a second--required of the hitter. The materials and construction used in bats, balls, and gloves are explored, and changes over the years, responding to advances in materials science and players' experimentation with design and materials, are tracked.




Name: Baseball Brief Description of the Site: This site is a rich examination of our national pastime and how the game of baseball reflects the changes in America over the past 150 years. It provides baseball resources and a set of well-developed teacher lesson plans that enable teachers to provide investigate,

Bounce of baseballs

 This activity provides instructions for comparing the "bounciness" of different types of balls at room temperature and when they are frozen.

Dressed to the Nines, A History of the Baseball Uniform

Dressed to the Nines, A History of the Baseball Uniform An exhibit from the Baseball Hall of Fame traces the evolution of the baseball uniform and accessories from the early 1800s. The site includes a searchable database of uniforms and teams as well as providing educational activities. National