Tag. You’re It! Great sites for signs

Are you looking for ways to grab or hook your audience? What if you need a way to market your professional development? WigFlip, has some great places you can go to make some fun signs, graphics, scrolling text, or sticky notes.

Go to TinyTags to make a tiny tag any color with your own text. It’s best to have one word on each line so the text is large enough. Type in your text and then click save the tag to your computer as tinytag.png. Best to convert it to .gif or .jpg.

Go to Signbot to make your own scrolling LED sign. Type in your text and then download the .gif. The animated gif is now available for you to upload to your website or blog.

Go to Screedbot to make your own scrolling typewriter text. You can change the width, size of the text, font style, color, and size. Click save it to your computer and it will be saved as screedbot.gif. You can then upload this text to any website or blog as an animated gif.

There are lots more fun tools at WigFlip. Check them out and add some to your website or blog.

Barbara Bray, Educational Consultant, barbara@my-ecoach.com; President, My eCoach
Blog: http://barbarabray.my-ecoach.com