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These free digital art creation sites range from simple web apps for preschoolers to sophisticated software for advanced students, educators, and professionals.

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Updating Bloom’s Taxonomy for Digital Learning (opens in new tab)
Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy is a technology-friendly update of the classic framework

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Effective Online Learning Practices (opens in new tab)
Technology allows us to redefine learning. Consider incorporating some of the following effective online learning practices.

What is Remote Learning? (opens in new tab)
Explore remote learning essentials and resources for schools and higher education institutions.

What is Kahoot! and How Does it Work for Teachers? (opens in new tab)
Game-based learning has never been so easy for teachers and students to enjoy, thanks to Kahoot.

What is Padlet and How Does It Work for Teachers and Students? (opens in new tab)
Padlet is an online notice board tool that can help digitize the classroom and more.

What is a Bitmoji Classroom and How Can I Build One? (opens in new tab)
The Bitmoji classroom is taking the world by storm, converting remote learning into a fun and playful experience.

How Do I Use Google Classroom? (opens in new tab)
How to use Google Classroom as a teacher or as a student.

30 Sites and Apps for Digital Storytelling (opens in new tab)
Digital storytelling can help boost communication and presentation skills

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Take long distance learning to the next level with a Google Jamboard upgrade

Best Webcams for Teachers and Students 2020 (opens in new tab)
During times when remote learning is required, a top webcam is a must.