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Put to the Test(2)

— WeeWorld — Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection — SAS Curriculum Pathways — Rosetta Stone Classroom Version — Pulse Smartpen

Study Habits and Test Anxiety(2)

Do your students study hard, but still fear tests? Here are some tips about how to create a good study environment, and how to recognize, address and overcome test anxiety. Although this site was created with college students in mind,

Put to the test: Flip Mino(2)

Use the  Flip Mino digital video camera to record science and observe results in slow motion. Use it in P.E. analyze athletic performance. Pair it with animations software to produce videos in a language arts class.  Pros Small and lightweight.

Put to the Test: DreamBox Learning K-2 Math promo image

Put to the Test: DreamBox Learning K-2 Math

DreamBox Learning K 2 Math is an interactive math curriculum for grades K 2 that is built on a standards based mathematics curriculum and presented in a fun, adventure style interactive game. The program presents in depth math lessons that


An entertaining site for teachers and students that offers K 8 dinosaur lesson plans and activities as well as dinosaur profiles.  A strong focus on dinosaur fossils finding them, preparing them, and using them to conceptualize what dinosaurs actually looked