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TiddlyWiki is a free tool that can be easily used and shared. It is described on the tiddlywiki web page as " a reusable, nonlinear, personal web notebook".

Compare TiddlyWiki and Tiddlyspot with blogs and traditional wikis.

  • A blog is linear with the most recent post showing first. It is possible to hyperlink within a blog to other posts, but it is not easy.
  • A wiki is not linear. A wiki has its own organization created by the authors. The first page has links to all of the other content.

Most blogs and wikis are run on a server. There are many free ones available and easy to use online. There are also blogs and wikis that can be downloaded and run off of a local server and many schools choose to do it this way for security purposes.

TiddlyWiki is another variation of these tools. A TiddlyWiki is run by javascript and is very small. It can run using almost any browser right from your own hard drive. You can create a tiddlywiki and store it on a thumb drive so it is easily portable. If you want to share your tiddlywiki there are also hosted services that will put it on a server where others can access it. One good example is a recipe book that someone created using tiddlywiki. Just by right clicking it is possible to download the whole cookbook and even edit it for my own use.

The best way to learn what a Tiddlywiki is and how it works is to try it out. There are lots of great examples on the Tiddlywiki.com site. You can also watch this Video Guide about TiddlyWikis self-described "tiddlywiki evangelist". More information can be found at TiddlyWiki Guides.

Some examples of TiddlyWiki pages:

Scroll down to "Examples" on the TiddlyWiki page for many more.

Submitted by: Janice Friesen, Educator
Austin, TX

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