TI-Nspire App

TI-Nspire App

www.education.ti.com • Retail Price: $29.99

The TI-Nspire iPad app from Texas Instruments (TI) can teach high school students the most difficult high school math concepts using an inviting and engaging format. The app includes the same features found in TI graphing calculators, and includes an interactive keyboard that toggles between math notation and QWERTY configurations. Students can use the app to touch and interact with shapes, graphs, and objects on the screen to help them see multiple representations of problems. They can create documents, save documents, and share items using e-mail, iTunes, and other file-sharing options. Using the built-in iPad camera, students can take photos, import images into the app, and overlay graphs and equations to illustrate abstract math principles in the physical world.

Quality and Effectiveness: The TI-Nspire app allows students to create and complete the same work they once did on the traditional graphing calculator on the iPad. The engaging content and interface allows students to achieve a deeper theoretical understanding of math. The TI-Nspire app gives students a visual perspective and understanding of what graphing and formulas look like. This helps them integrate abstract math concepts with reallife scenarios, which helps teachers answer the question: Why are we learning this?

Ease of Use: The TINspire app includes helpful professional development so teachers get the most out of this power-packed program. Students will enjoy the app’s interactivity as well as the ability to add their own images to the library. Teachers can use the app to create homework that can be used seamlessly on all TI-Nspire platforms. The app allows students to visualize information in many formats, giving those students who would normally have struggled a chance to understand.

Creative Use of Technology: TI has created an app that students can use throughout high school. Teachers can now creatively teach algebra, geometry, and pre-calculus while keeping students’ attention. The app engages students by allowing them to use features like touching, moving, grab-it interactions, and sharing with peers.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: TI-Nspire is a perfect app for schools with 1:1 iPad programs. It is well-priced and allows students to enhance their creativity on even the most challenging math topics.


• Easy to use
• Allows teachers to differentiate instruction
• Connects real-world math problems to abstract math concepts

OVERALL RATING: TINspire does a great job using everyday problems to provide newbies and more advanced students with an equal opportunity to grasp abstract math concepts.