T&L News(117)

Week of: February 18, 2008

  • Teens Claim Ignorance of Copyright Rules
    Nearly half of teens surveyed say they are not familiar with the rules that govern the downloading of content from the Internet.
  • FL Bans Electronic Devices During Testing
    Florida students found to have a cell phone or other electronic device with them as they take the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test will have their tests invalidated.
  • Distance Learning for the Gifted
    Stanford University's Education Program for Gifted Youth offers e-learning courses for gifted students in mathematics, physics, computer science and writing.
  • Laptops to Replace Textbooks
    Next fall, sixth graders at Trinity Lutheran School will each receive a laptop computer loaded with the textbooks they need for science, math and social studies classes.
  • Computer-Assisted Language Tutors
    A technology developed to help autistic and hearing-impaired children may also prove a powerful tool for remedial readers, children with language challenges, and second language learners.