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Week of: June 16, 2008

  • What's NewNew products released to the edtech market for the week of June 16-20
  • Which Tech Companies Rule?
    Which companies are faring best in today's tricky economy? Business Week just released their "Top 100" Infotech companies, and there were sorry few US companies on this list—just 33 companies on this list were US-based, compared to 75 of 10 in 1998. Amazon and Apple rank numbers one and two, with Google and IBM trailing behind in 11th and 13th place respectively. Microsoft sank to 23 on the list.
  • Science Educators Can Win Prizes Worth $3000
    Do you have a winning science activity? Send it in by October 15 to have it considered for the Vernier Software & Technology/NSTA Technology Award.
  • CoSN Launches New Broadband Knowledge Center
    Network administrators know all to well that insufficient bandwidth leads to repeated network crashes. Unfortunately, many schools don't always have a complete understanding of what they need to run their networks efficiently.
  • Excelsior Announces New Grants Program
    It's no surprise that teachers who have a grasp on the overall achievement pictures in their classrooms perform better. These teachers don't just teach to the test, but use achievement results to inform their instruction and meet individual learning needs.