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Week of: November 3, 2008

  • Highlights from NSBA T+L in Seattle, WA, October 27-29, 2008
    Storybook Phonics (
    The new Storybook Phonics I and II from AEC include 15 new lessons each, featuring cute new graphics and engaging activities for grades K-2.
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  • Highlights from NSBA T+L in Seattle, WA, October 27-29, 2008
    Atomic Test Assessment Feature (
    Atomic Learning's Tech Skills Assessment utilizes ISTE NETS-S 2007 standards and Atomic Learning's Technology Skills Collection of Web-based training tutorials to help educators gauge each individual student's technology skill level. By providing a framework to incorporate project-based assessment to demonstrate that skills can actually be applied, Tech Skills Assessment measures comprehension, not just the ability to perform a task. This allows schools and districts to identify specific technology competency gaps and provides a robust tracking tool with a wide range of available reporting features.
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  • Highlights from NSBA T+L in Seattle, WA, October 27-29, 2008
    Smart Table Interactive Learning Center (
    Using new multi-touch technology, the Smart Table lets small groups of students to select or move objects, draw, or write on the touch table screen simultaneously, and work together to find answers to preset questions. Priced at $8,000, this new technology is more one to watch evolve as SMART determines ways to bring down the price.
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  • Put to the Test: Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection
    Description: Graphic editing, audio editing, video editing, PDF creating and editing, Flash creating and editing, web page design, and editing software (13 products total).
    How to use in the classroom: With Adobe Creative Suite 4, a class could produce a full-scale radio broadcast, a TV broadcast, design a school newspaper, newsletter, or yearbook. They could produce a professional animated Web site for a school district. Any type of communication that a school or district would need could be produced with this software.
  • A Touch of E-Learning
    North Carolina beta-tests iPod touch in Chapel Hill venture
    There's a lot of anticipation in Chapel Hill, NC, where an elementary and a middle school are working with North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) to develop courses based on a kid-friendly idea—the use of nontraditional tools or, more specifically, tech tools.