T&L News(35)

  • Blog at Your Own Risk
    The Board of Community High School District 128 has established a code of conduct under which evidence of student involvement in "illegal or inappropriate" behavior posted on the Internet could be grounds for disciplinary action.
  • Learning To Write Electronically
    Eighth graders at Booth Middle School in Georgia's Cherokee County used a new technology — e-mail — to learn time-honored rules of writing and grammar this year.
  • Technology Is More than Just PCs
    Oregon's West Linn-Wilsonville School District believes that a true measure of technology access has to go beyond just counting the number of students per computer.
  • Cricket Kit Responds to Child's Imagination
    Researchers at MIT's Media Lab have developed a new electronic toy designed to appeal to children's interest in art and music while incorporating elements of science, math and engineering.
  • The Poor Man's In-Car Navigation System
    New software can turn a mobile phone into a portable navigation system that provides automated turn-by-turn voice instructions that guide users to their destinations.