T&L News(48)

  • Global Kids Launches 9/11 Youth Circle
    Global Kids and the Online NewsHour have launched "Five Years After - A September 11 Youth Circle" to allow high school students to constructively discuss how the attacks of September 11 have affected their lives, their communities and their perspectives on world affairs.
  • Some Schools Slow Laptop Push
    The push to equip all students with laptop computers is showing some signs of slowing as parents and educators question the costs, worry about inappropriate use and ask for proof of effectiveness.
  • Virtual School Faces New Obstacles
    Wyoming's Campbell County School District has found it hard to move forward with its plans for a virtual elementary school, since the state has no laws in place to allow funding students in a virtual school.
  • Public Likes Its Local Schools
    The 38th Annual Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll of the Public's Attitudes Toward the Public Schools finds public ratings of local schools near the top of their 38-year range.
  • Google To Allow Book Printing
    Google announced that it will begin allowing users of its Google Books Library Project to freely download and print novels and other books that are in the public domain.