T&L News(51)

  • PA Launches Classroom of the Future Initiative
    Pennsylvania's Classroom of the Future initiative will provide $20 million to equip 103 high schools' English, math, science and social studies classrooms with enhanced technology, laptop computers and other state-of-the art resources.
  • Students Question Use of Plagiarism Detection Services
    Student's at Virginia's McClain High School are organizing to protest the school's decision to begin using Turnitin to check student papers for instances of plagiarism.
  • Teens Favor TV and Web as News Source
    According to the Future of the First Amendment study, young people receive a majority of their news from television, with the Internet a secondary news source for many teens.
  • What Works Clearinghouse Steps Up Report Production
    The What Works Clearinghouse has released seven new intervention reports highlighting available research on Character Education, English Language Learning, and Elementary School Math interventions.
  • Search Tool or the Blind
    Google Accessible Search is designed to help blind people find results that will work best with their text-to-speech software.