T&L News(98)

Week of: October 8, 2007

  • Language Lab Supports World Languages
    Students at Orono (MN) High School can now study almost any language they want, thanks to a new state-of-the-art world language lab.
  • Celebrate Sputnik's 50th Birthday
    Educators can use the 50th anniversary of Sputniks October 1957 launch to examine many aspects of Sputnik's impact, both technical and political.
  • TV Show Helps with Homework
    Students from MD's Prince George's County schools call in with math homework problems and watch teachers solve them live on the district's Count on Us TV show.
  • Students Build Antarctic Rover
    Working with research teams at the University of California and Antarctica's McMurdo Station, two California high school students built an underwater "rover" for use in Antarctica's harsh environment.
  • Broadband Equals Opportunity in Rural VT
    A new fiber-optic network serving a remote corner of northeast Vermont is opening the area to many new educational and economic opportunities.