Top 10 Online Stories

1 Top 100 Sites and Apps of 2013

David Kapuler cites digital storytelling as one of the most prominent themes in this year’s list.

2 Awards of Excellence 2013: Best New Hardware

Tech & Learning’s picks for the best hardware of the year.

3 Digital reader is an Excellent Classroom Tool

This “app of the day” is ideal for collaborative, customizable digital reading for all subject areas.

4 Top 10 Sites for Creating a Chart or Graph

These sites are ideal for creating a chart or graph.

5 There’s an App for That

Vicki Windman lists apps that align to Common Core State Standards.

6 Top 50 Math Sites and Apps

David Kapuler lists his favorite apps and sites for math.

7 Free Web Sites to Help Meet the Common Core Standards

Vicki Windman’s recommendations for teachers who want to use resources with an interactive whiteboard.

8 10 Things School Leaders Do to Kill a Teacher’s Enthusiasm for Technology

J. Robinson lists ten things a school leader can do (or not do) to quash teacher enthusiasm for using technology in their classrooms.

9 Flipping Your Faculty Meetings

Based on the popular flipped classroom concept, Nancy Caramanico discusses ways to flip your faculty meeting.

10 Google Cultural Institute: Eiffel Tower

Visit Paris on this virtual tour.