Tulsa Public Schools selects teacher evaluation software

TalentEd Perform, cloud-based teacher evaluation software from Netchemia, LLC, has been selected by Tulsa Public Schools as the technology to provide an online framework for their newly-developed TLE teacher evaluation system. Tulsa Public Schools is now in the process of implementing the software, which will manage their self-developed TLE Observation and Evaluation System. The model was selected in December as the state’s default evaluation model by the state of Oklahoma’s Teacher and Leadership Effectiveness Commission, and later adopted by the State Board of Education as one of three approved models under Senate Bill 2033.

The selection of TalentEd Perform was the conclusion to a comprehensive selection process employed by Tulsa Public Schools. Their goal was to select a vendor they could partner with to give them an online system that translates their framework to an online interface that can be easily managed by their administration, HR, and building principals. The adaptability and online delivery of the TalentEd Perform software offered the necessary flexibility and customization required to meet the requirements of Tulsa’s evaluation model.

Like many states across the nation, Oklahoma has been actively moving to establish a protocol for the information they are requiring from the evaluation of teachers in their state. All Oklahoma school districts will soon be facing the challenge of implementing a state-approved teacher evaluation framework. Districts are required to select the state-approved evaluation model they will be using by April 16th.

TalentEd Perform offers easy access to data, the ability for principals to do observations and walkthroughs on an iPad or mobile device, automated reminders, and advanced analytics.