A family picture was the inspiration for an online program called Voice Thread. One of the program's creators was looking at the photo and thought that it would be really great to hear each person commenting on the picture. They would all have different stories. This thought was a spark for the creation of the online tool. It is an extremely easy online application that allows you to create multimedia using your own photos, video clips, audio, etc... and then allows others to comment with text or audio in a way that will play along with your presentation.

You really have to see it and try it to understand all that it can do. Like TeacherTube, these VoiceThreads can be embedded into any web space or blog. Right now there is no way to download them onto your own machine, but they are served from the VoiceThread site.

The creators did not think that this would be an educational application, but it has been enthusiastically used by many teachers as a simple way for groups to work together on a presentation and storytelling. There is even video doodling and phone commenting.

Some examples are:

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