Windows Videos as Podcasts

Macs cannot read Windows Movie Maker (.wmv or .avi) files. To insert a video podcast into an iPod or blog, converting .wmv or .avi files to a MPEG-4 or .mov (QuickTime) format is necessary. An easy way to do this is with the Anvsoft iPod Movie Maker downloadable software.

The free trial version allows a 3-minute conversion. Longer clips require purchasing the software for $19.95. In addition to converting files, it is also possible to edit files with iPod Movie Maker.

To convert a .avi or .wmv file, open Anvsoft iPod Movie Maker and click the "Add Video Files" button. Navigate to the file and select it.

Once the video clip has been uploaded to Anvsoft iPod Movie Maker, click the "Encode iPod Video" button. After the video clip is converted, the following message appears:

Congratulations! The process finished successfully. You may download the encoded MPEG-4 video to your iPod now. Click on the "Open Output Video Folder" button in the dialog box.

It is important to remember where the file is stored so that it can either be uploaded to an iPod or blog.

Submitted by:
Ken Bakken,
Educational Consultant
Computer R-E-Z
Bellingham, WA

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