18 Apps for Summer Reading

Monica Burns shares a handful of her favorite apps for readers of all ages:

■ Caribu (reading buddies)

■ The Dog and the Bone (picture book)

■ Interactive Safari (picture book)

■ News-O-Matic (current events)

■ Aesop for Children (classic tales)

■ Reading Rainbow (book library)

■ Curious About Me (picture book)

■ Epic! (book library)

■ Miss Humblebee’s Academy (early readers)

■ Pirate Scribble (picture book)

■ DK Readers (book library)

■ Shout Science! (picture book)

■ Science Today (magazine)

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (picture book)

■ Learn with Homer (early readers)

■ Mibblio (music books)

■ Penguin Leveled Readers (book library)

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