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A Guide to Astronomy Resources

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A Guide to Astronomy Resources

A portal to resources on the sun, the Earth's neighboring planets, and the weather in space. Find out why Saturn is the "jewel of the Solar System" and explore what happens when Venus and Mercury make their rare transits across the sun.

Exploratorium Observatory

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Nina Bieliauskas



A Research Guide for Students

Name: A Research Guide for Students Brief Description of the Site: The goal of this Web site is to provide all the necessary tools for students to conduct research and to present their findings. The site includes annotated Research, Writing, and Style Guides (MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, CGOS, CBE, Harvard), and

A Beginner's Guide to New Zealand

A Beginner's Guide to New Zealand The Kiwi Site offers a fun and funky way to get to know New Zealand, land of many more sheep than people. The site's author, too shy to put his name on the site, is obviously a "dyed in the wool" Kiwi (New Zealander) who loves this beautiful island country. The

A Kid's Guide to Shots

A Kid's Guide to Shots Find out why you need to get shots in order to stay healthy. This article provides information pertaining to the ingredients in shots and how they make you immune to many harmful diseases. Kids Health • Middle School Elementary School Donna Levine

Chinese Astronomy Resource

Begin your celebration of the Chinese New Year with this site which includes both astronomy and astrology. Using the early Dunhuang Star Atlas, an important historical and scientific document of the sky seen from China dating from before AD 700,

A Guide to Gracious Criticism

A Guide to Gracious Criticism To paraphrase the critters in George Orwell's Animal Farm, 'Destructive criticism bad; constructive criticism good!' An important skill in high school, college and in the work force is that of giving solid, instructive criticism. Although it is written for college

A Teacher's Guide to Digital Rights

The Digital Citizenship and Creative Content program is a free, turnkey instructional program, whose goal is to create an awareness of the rights connected with digital creative content the music, movies, and software that students download daily.  Includes curriculum outline,