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Udemy enables anyone to teach and learn online, providing step-by-step instructions from picking a topic to publishing and promoting your course. Instructors can use video, PowerPoint, PDFs, audio, zip files and live classes to build a course and share their expertise. Students can take classes in product development from Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, entrepreneurship from Marissa Mayer of Google, and language courses from Ivy League professors. Category include business & entrepreneurship, academics, the arts, health & fitness, language, music, technology, games, and more. Most courses are free; paid courses typically range in price from $5 - $250.



Achievement Academy

 The Academy of Achievement offers biographical sketches of hundreds of modern "leaders, visionaries, and pioneers" from around the world and from the fields of the arts, business, public service, science and exploration, and sports. Learn both what makes these men

Nazareth Academy

Name: Nazareth Academy Nazareth Academy is a small, pre-K through eighth grade Catholic school located in Victoria, Texas. Approximately 260 students attend Nazareth. The school's site was created and is maintained by Assistant Principal Scott Kloesel with help from the junior high students who write the articles

Academy of Achievement

Academy of Achievement Students will be inspired by the great leaders of our time. They can read and listen to the life stories of people like Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the late Rosa Parks, and Colin Powell. The site features a biography and profile of each member and an interview with movie clips. The

Academy of American Poets

Academy of American Poets In addition to providing brief biographies for more than 500 poets, has texts of almost 2000 poems, many with audio recordings. There are also essays and discussions on a wide variety of poetry-related topics, from analysis of poems to thoughts on writing - The Academy of American Poets

Name: - The Academy of American Poets Brief Description of the Site: You can satisfy a passion for poetry by visiting this comprehensive site. The listening booth offers readings by Auden, Ashberry, Berryman, and you can find a poem by author or title by merely clicking on the appropriate letter of

Do You Speak American?

Do You Speak American? The home on the web for a television program about the nature of American English, which originally aired on PBS in January 2005. "Do You Speak American?" examines the differences in the ways American speak across age groups, ethnic groups, and regions. This is an interesting way

Ocean Portal, You Navigate

Delight in the fresh colors, sights, and sounds on this dynamic site on the ocean.  Major categories consist of Ocean Life & Ecosystems, The Ocean Over Time, Ocean Science, and The Ocean and You.  New information on sharks, a slideshow