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America's Favorite Architecture

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America's Favorite Architecture

Scroll through zoomable photographs of 150 architectural wonders found in America and learn about America's architectural heritage.

American Institute of Architects

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America on the Move

America on the Move This rich, varied site explores the role of transportation in America's history, thereby fulfilling many state standards on the importance of transportation in the building of America. Themes include Arts and Leisure, Immigration and Migration, Work and Industry, and

They Made America

They Made America This is the companion site to They Made America, the four-part public broadcasting series on looking at America through its innovators -- from the early days to today. From Alexander Graham Bell (telephone) to John Wanamaker (department store) and from Ted Turner (CNN) to Fred Smith

France in America

France in America Two great national libraries, our Library of Congress and France's Bibliotheque Nationale, collaborated on this beautiful website that provides an overview of France in the New World. It may be helpful to begin at the Chronology section. The site is divided into four main time

Isfahan: An Animation Inspired by Persian Architecture

Isfahan: An Animation Inspired by Persian Architecture View a wonderfully intricate animated film inspired by different places of worship centered in and around the Iranian city of Isfahan. Created by a digital artist/architectural illustrator based in Spain, the film is accompanied by

America Recycles Today

 As part of America Recycles Day today, sort as much trash as possible in two minutes. Guide the character around the park to pick up items, such as a apple cores, water bottles, and boxes, and take them to the correct bins. There are bins for recyclable, non-recyclable, and compostable items. courtesy of netTrek

Smithsonian: America on the Move

This rich, varied site explores the role of transportation in America's history. There are historical photos, tours through exhibits, a section on games for children, and a teacher resource center. courtesy of netTrekker

America's Stone Age

America's Stone Age How fascinating to look back to the Americans of the Stone Age. Who were these people? Where did they come from, and when did they arrive? Here's an easy-to-understand, interactive look at these first Americans. NOVA, PBS • Audio • Pictures