An Introduction to 3D Printing and Design

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MakerBot in the Classroom

An Introduction to 3D Printing and Design

A Free Educational Resource from MakerBot

Learn how to empower and inspire your students to design, collaborate, and create innovative projects in your classroom. This free resource from MakerBot offers ideas, activities and projects to get you started on the road to integrating 3D Printing into your curriculum.

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An Introduction to Inquiry-based Learning

An Introduction to Inquiry-based Learning Examine the principles and advantages of inquiry-based learning. In addition, the site provides practical suggestions for implementing inquiry-based projects in the classroom, including teaching students to ask good questions as a basis for their inquiry. Links


What’s New In 3D Printing

Students at Charter High School for Architecture and Design in Philadelphia (PA) are working with an Ultimaker 2 Extended+ to learn about art, design, and giving back to the community.

3D Printing

What I had not realised back then was that 3D printing had already been around for ages -- since the mid-1980s in fact.