Archimedes' Laboratory

Name:Archimedes' Laboratory

Brief Description of the Site:
Geometry puzzle lovers speaking English, French or Italian, this is for you. Named after the Greek mathematician, Archimedes, this site offers games, optical illusions, tessellations, labyrinths, math curiosities, and mathematics tools. The make-it-yourself section offers step-by-step instructions for those wishing to test their mettle and create their own intellectual fun.

How to use the site:
Students and teachers have a resource that is hands on and intellectually challenging. The story behind the puzzle often accompanies the activity through hyperlinks. For those who aren't sure if a particular number is a prime, there's "PrimOmatic" under Tools to help find out. There are some great geometric (green and white) patterns available for downloading although suggestions to make it the background for your desktop will make desktop icons almost unrecognizable. Use as tessellations activities for students might be more appropriate (and less confusing to the eye).

There's a shop where purchases can be made but it isn't necessary to enjoy the wonderful activities and materials available on the site. Educators who need geometry materials have Archimedes' Laboratory for engaging and thought provoking activities.

Submitted by:
Maria Waeber