Brief Description of the Site:
This site is a rich examination of our national pastime and how the game of baseball reflects the changes in America over the past 150 years. It provides baseball resources and a set of well-developed teacher lesson plans that enable teachers to provide investigate, authentic activities for teachers. A timeline, a baseball quiz, and sections about baseball for beginners and players round out the site.

How to use the site:
Begin your visit to this site by exploring the "For Teachers" section. This area of the Web site contains nine different lessons, such as "Baseball Geometry" and "Women in Baseball" that utilize the game of baseball as a tool for classroom instruction ranging from Physical Education to Mathematics to Social Studies. The baseball timeline present at the site could be used by teachers to compare events in the history of baseball to events in world history. Extend your visit to the site to examine the useful print and Web resources found in the resource section.

Submitted by:
David Jakes