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Clever Crazes for Kids

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Have fun clicking on avatars as you play games that lead to a better understanding of personal subjects such as your health, managing your money, participating in athletics, and your knowledge of our democratic society. There are also games about biodiversity, physics, history, space, and geography. You can register for points for your school, but you don't have to in order to play. Teachers will be interested in knowing that these games are based on the interconnectedness of STEM curriculum. A toolkit is provided for teachers as well as lesson plans. Registration is required, but it is free.

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Ready Kids:  Be a Hero

Use this site to check your readiness by making a disaster plan, building a kit to have available at a moment’s notice, and becoming aware of the many kinds of disasters.

Mexico for Kids

Name: Mexico for Kids Brief Description of the Site: Sponsored by the Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Mexico, this site, available in English, Spanish, French, and Italian, provides a kid-friendly look at many aspects of our neighbor to the south. The site features seven content areas entitled

Kids’ Fun Food Games

Use this set of interactive games to help increase your knowledge of healthy snacks, exercise and diet, and how to read food labels.

Copyright Kids

 Use this inviting site to introduce the concept of "copyright" by answering common questions, defining related terms, and providing sample permission letters. Highlighting the planning and work of a school yearbook club, this site shows a variety of ways copyright

Ready Kids

An engaging site developed by the Department of Homeland Security to teach students how to prepare for emergency situations. Loaded with learning activities, games, songs, lesson plans, and printable worksheets that are designed to help learners understand the importance of

NGA Kids

NGA Kids The National Gallery of Art has created a series of impressive web pages that make its vast collections accessible to children. Colorful, fun, and interactive, this is a great addition to any art teacher's website collection. Of particular interest is the "Lizzy and Gordon visit the Sculpture


Name: Kids Brief Description of the Site: This is a site that offers many book reviews, book trivia, and games! Just for kids! There's a link to learn about authors in an interview format and highlights of "Books Into Movies". Children can also learn how to participate or even start a book club. How

Healthfinder Kids

Healthfinder Kids Healthfinder Kids discusses important safety issues for students in a colorful way. There is a section on healthy and not so healthy things for your body and a section on Internet safety. You'll also find games, art contests, a section for parents, and more.