Brief Description of the Site:
Cool touts itself as an amusement park of math with colorful geometric animations that are fun. Algebra Survivor is based on the television show "Survivor" and Science Monster is another of the delightful math activities available. There are links for parents and teachers as well as for students, and there's advice to bookmark the site because of similarly named sites with very different agendas. Be it fractions or fractals, the interactive, well explained activities, games and lessons make a site visit worthwhile simply for the joy of mathematics.

How to use the site:
Choose from "Kids, Teachers, Students, or 13-100" for links to activities, games, concept explanations or cross-curricular connections. Calculator activities, puzzles, problem solving - there's every combination of ways to interact with math on this site. Sites are marked by levels and age categories so as to guide site visitors. While user friendly, the site advises children to "get help from a parent" as a way to involve parents with their children online. The comprehensive nature of the material online makes it a site worth bookmarking for use throughout the year in school.

Submitted by:
Doci Mou