Daily Lesson Plan

Name:Daily Lesson Plan

Brief Description of the Site:
Developed by the "New York Times on the Web's Learning Network," in conjunction with the Bank Street College of Education, this is a wonderful resource of lesson plans for Grades 6 - 12 in just about every subject, from American History through Technology, including "Teaching with The New York Times." Each lesson plan is amazingly thorough, complete with objectives, warm-ups, activities, and follow-ups. More importantly, each plan ends with a discussion of the appropriate standards. Especially interesting was the "Civics" link (a long-forgotten term) which includes lessons on such high-interest topics as tenants' rights, the working poor, Email spam, juvenile offenders and capital punishment for juveniles (cf. the D.C. sniper).

How to use the site:
Either Search or Browse. Searches are possible by keyword in any of the 16 categories and further amendable by Grade Range (Gr. 6-8, 6-12, or 9-12). Another option is to simply click on one of the 16 Keywords. Finally, one can scroll down and browse the "Recently Published Lessons," which will also give an overview of the professionalism and intellectual integrity of this site, guaranteed to enliven your teaching and earn you the respect of your students.