Brief Description of the Site:
Another online companion to the Discovery TV channel, this site offers students a homework helper, curriculum links with lesson plans in a variety of content areas, hands on activities for parents and children, games, a clipart gallery, and a "Study Starter" section with facts to launch further investigation. A site that helps you find sites that helps you with your homework.

How to use the site:
Educators can find and use the site's lesson plans (leveled and according to subject through a pull down menu), teaching tools that include puzzle makers, a quiz center, and a worksheet generator, free of charge. Use of clipart online is free with restrictions and requests for attribution (limited to no more than 10 images which must be used in the form downloaded). The site is an extensive resource for educators by virtue of the extensive materials for use for free, making a valuable asset in school and at home.

Submitted by:
Mark Sheneerson