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Drum Roll: E.A.K. (Erase All Kittens)

Erase All Kittens is a free, open source game where students must change the code in order to rescue kittens.
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Everyone loves kittens and who wouldn’t want to save them from peril? Erase All Kittens is a free, open source game where students must change the code in order to rescue kittens. The story begins in an Internet awash with adorable animals, including many kittens. Arca is a tiny outcast creature whose only friends are the kittens. But one day they all disappear and Arca sets out on a journey to find them. Arca must navigate through this world, guided by a narrator who explains how to change the code. In order to be successful, the player builds ledges, makes new portals, reveals enemies by changing the sky’s color, and lots more. The site offers both a demo and a pilot version of the game.

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