Editors Desk: Back to the Future

(Image credit: Future)

Time flies when you’re having fun! 2020 marks the 40th anniversary of Tech & Learning, which is a pretty good run for a magazine, especially one focused on technology. It’s a genuine thrill to go back into the archive and read how far edtech has come since the pre-Internet 1980s. Even in my relatively brief 12 years with T&L, we have seen enormous change—anyone remember life without an iPhone, or Twitter, or Fortnite?

To mark the occasion, we’ll highlight writings each month that cover seminal moments in edtech, both from the magazine and elsewhere. This month we selected a snip from a historic interview with Steve Jobs by the Smithsonian Institute and Computerworld in 1995. I encourage you to listen or read the entire conversation online but the excerpt on page 27 specifically details many aspects of the possibilities and restrictions of integrating technology into teaching and learning.

We are also planning to launch a series of podcasts related to the history of edtech, which you will be able to find at techlearning.com. Beyond edtech luminaries, we’ll also be interviewing former editors and writers, as well as educators with stories about how tech affected their careers. Of course, we won’t be just looking back. We’re planning a series of essays that look forward to the next 40 years—what transformative techniques are out there on the horizon? Have a story or idea to share? Reach out to me at kevin.hogan@futurenet.com. We want to hear it!

— Kevin Hogan
     Managing Director,
     Content kevin.hogan@futurenet.com