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Educational Podcasts for Teaching and Learning

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Educational Podcasts for Teaching and Learning

This site provides descriptions and links to over 400 podcast channels which have been carefully chosen to serve students and teachers. The site is well organized so that users can find podcasts in several ways: by search terms, by subject, by alphabetical listing, or simply by looking at the featured listing. Most of these are podcast series, rather than individual podcasts. Generally, users can either download the podcasts or listen to them online.

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Podcasting in Education

Podcasting in Education From the people who invented the iPod comes this Apple Education site all about podcasting. Among its features is a three-part video series: Intro to podcasting, Meeting standards with podcasting, and an Administrator's view on podcasting. A very useful site for anyone


Podcasting This is a great introduction to podcasting. Find out how to create and publish your own podcasts and find creative podcasting ideas at this very informative site. K12 Handhelds, Inc. • Pictures and/or Illustrations • High School Middle School

Podcasting 101 for K-12 Librarians

Podcasting 101 for K-12 Librarians You need not be a librarian to use this informative site, which provides an excellent look at podcasts. It gets down to the basics, including what podcasts are, how to access them, how to create them, and why to use them. As important as the information in

Gigglepotz, Teaching and Learning for Life

Name: Gigglepotz, Teaching and Learning for Life Brief Description of the Site: Gigglepotz brings free resources and materials to teachers across the world. The site includes many online projects and web building competitions for teachers and students. The vision is to connect teachers from all countries in a

The Nature of Science Podcasts

This site offers a fascinating view of the world through the eyes of a young scientist, and is great resource for anyone thinking about science as a career.  Includes podcasts of eight scientists giving their opinions on what life is

Podcasting and Blogging

Podcasting and Blogging Everything you wanted to know about podcasting, including video podcasts. The page offers links to: how to podcast, podcasting software, and how to regsiter your podcast with iTunes. It also offers sample podcasts and teacher-made podcasts, plus other links dealing with

Introduction To Podcasting

Introduction To Podcasting This great introduction to podcasting tells you exactly what you need to do to listen to podcasts and how to create and publish your own. It includes links to podcast directories and a list of favorite educational podcasts. It also suggests uses for podcasting in education.