Encarta Web Center Homework Sites

Name:Encarta Web Center Homework Sites

Brief Description of the Site:
This is a "must bookmark" site that contains an extensive range of topics. This site links to government, commercial, and education sites providing access to activities, information, and products. Young children may listen to stories using Real Audio, or search geography or calculus sites. It's Encarta, so it is encyclopedic in scope, making it resource for all ages.

How to use the site:
The home page is simple to use, listing categories that serve as links. Categories include: Arts, Sports, Entertainment, College and Career, Geography, Health, History, Language Arts, Life Science, Math, People. Within each category is an expanded list expanded of topics. The link "Ask An Expert" under "People" is of particular interest as a host of sites offering expertise according to subject matter. Students (and teachers!) can send an email asking for information from a variety of experts listed on each of the sites.

Submitted by:
Neme Alperstein