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This site will help them organize their essays with an interactive essay map.
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As the summer nears to an end, many students are working to write those essays for their summer reading assignments. This site will help them organize their essays with an interactive essay map. The site has an interactive graphic organizer to help students outline their ideas into introduction statement, main ideas, supporting details, and a conclusion summarizing the main idea.

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The Sky Map

The Sky Map This astronomical survey by the Sloan organization, when completed, will provide detailed images covering more than a quarter of the sky, and almost a million galaxies and quasars. Although the site is meant to be interactive, a mandatory first stop is the Getting Started segment to

Zoom Into Maps

Zoom Into Maps Many state standards include activities such as reading, analyzing and creating maps. This map-centric site can help. It leads students through basic map reading skills, using historic maps whose subjects include: migration, settlement, travel, transportation, and military campaigns. Some

Essay Info: Essay Writing Center

Name: Essay Info: Essay Writing Center Brief Description of the Site: Writing Basics, Tips, Types, citations styles, even resume writing, all are available as a presentation of the writing process in a simple and understandable way. Both business and academic needs are addressed with samples provided of the

World Conflict Map

World Conflict Map The Nobel Peace Prize organization has provided an interactive map that shows conflict areas in the world from 1900 to 2001. A description pops up when a specified conflict area and time frame are chosen. This activity map will be very intriguing to students and will

Mapping Memory

Mapping Memory This amazing interactive created by National Geographic allows users to understand the complexities of the brain in an easy to understand way. Flip and rotate a model brain to learn more about making memories, storing memories, and losing memory. National Geographic

Final Assessment Essay

For students studying Arthur Miller's The Crucible, examining and using the Final Essay assignment provided by Georgia Virtual Learning can focus thinking about the play.

World Languages Map

With this interactive site you can visit a continent and read several facts about the languages spoken on that continent.

Library of Congress: Zoom into Maps

Reading, analyzing, and creating maps are important concepts in many education standards. Using historic maps with subjects such as migration and settlement, travel and transportation, military and pictorial maps, students learn basic map reading skills. There is also a section